Explore the wonders of Alaska’s natural beauty with the help of a yacht charter

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Explore the wonders of Alaska’s natural beauty with the help of a yacht charter

Alaska is a place like no other; every day in Alaska can be an adventure and an experience like no other. Alaska is filled with so many natural surprises that it can leave you spellbound with the sheer power of its beauty. No two places here are the same and no two days here can be identical.

The snow covered peaks, the massive glaciers, creeks and even the rich history and culture of this place is something that you wouldn’t have experienced any where else. Alaska’s famous Inside Passage has several places that are just waiting to be discovered and explored; every place would reveal a different experience. Some of the places here are so distant and off the beaten path that the best way to visit them all would be through Alaska yacht charters. Alaskan yacht charters can give you the chance to explore some of the best hidden treasures that this land has to offer.

Some of the best places to visit in Alaska are:

* Juneau- the capital of Alaska, Juneau is located at a picture perfect location. The old town of Juneau is located on a mountainside with snow capped peaks and is fronted by a waterside. The historic town has several museums, historic buildings and serves as a gateway to the rest of the locations in Alaska.
* Tenakee Springs- Tenakee Springs is a quaint little village that will make you feel like you are in an ancient civilization. The lifestyle here is slow and relaxed, fishing being the main occupation. The main attraction here is the hot spring bath and the fishing dock which is colorful and alive when fishermen bring in their catch.
* Frederick Sound- Frederick Sound is mainly known for fishing. There’s plenty of catch available here including salmon and halibut. Some of the other popular activities here are whale watching, sea lion colony, Seals and nature hiking.
* Sitka- Sitka is a small town that was set up by the Russians. Sitka is the only place in the area that faces the Pacific Ocean and is known to be a cultural center. The town has several important architectural sights, religious buildings and ancient townhouses. The shoreline here is perfect for kayaking and sailing and the sandy beach here presents several hiking opportunities.
* Tracy Arm- Tracy Arm is located close to Juneau and is a steep fjord that has twin glaciers with several icebergs. The glaciers are breathtakingly beautiful and there are several marine creatures that can be spotted here including whales, seals and sometimes even brown bears.
* Kenai Fjords national park- this national park has several glaciers and a 917 sq mile ice field. The ice field offers spectacular view of the surrounding location and the Exit glacier is one of the most visited glaciers in Alaska.

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